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Monday - Chianti Wine

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Benefits of Using a Wine Rack

Temperature, humidity, lighting conditions and movement play important roles for wines to mature properly. Wines need to be kept in a safe place if they are to be stored for any amount of time. And there is no other way of storing wines safely other than investing in a wine rack.

While choosing a wine rack it is to be remembered that the rack should store the wine the right way. Another important decision to make is the size of the rack - whether you want to store a few bottles or hundreds. There are lots of varieties and designs to choose from.

Horizontal wine racks are the best among all the choices available. Vertical wine racks are not a good option for storing wine. In vertical racks the cork will dry out and eventually shrink, causing air to come in contact with the wine and your wine will be ruined. Vertical racks are useful for short term storage for wines that are intended to be consumed young. Tilted racks will either leave the cork dry or deposit sediments near the cork. Horizontal racks are the best, as the cork remains moist and swelled preventing your wine from unwanted air contact. Sediment falls on the side of the bottle, far away from the cork to prevent spoilage when pouring. It is also cost effective, the design is simple and more racks can be added with ease.

Wine racks can be of metal or wood, placed on the floor or hang from ceilings. If metal is your choice then you can opt for Wine Tower, Lily Wall, Echelon, Wine Lounge or choose from Calistoga Wine Hanger or Climbing Tendril. Wooden wine racks have the advantage of adding extra storage space as and when you add to your wine collection. Wooden racks are usually constructed of maple, cedar and mahogany that have strength, hardness and visual appeal. Choose from Rectangular Bin, Diamond Bin, Waterfall Individual Rack or the Curved Corner Rack. For the more creative ones you can order your own wooden kit. The kit includes bolts, wrench and wooden racks machined with pre-drilled holes that can be installed in no time at all.

Wine racks come in various sizes. From small wine racks that can hold one or two bottles to those that can hold thousands. Small or medium sized racks work fine for your home collection while for commercial purposes large sized racks are required. Depending on your choice, wine racks can cost anything between $20 and $1000.

About the Author

Rory H. Hawkins writes about wnie racks and other interesting topics. For more information on wine storage racks visit us today.

Short Review on Chianti Wine

Benefits of Using a Wine Rack

Temperature, humidity, lighting conditions and movement play important roles for wines to mature properly. Wines need to be kept in a safe place if th...

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Chianti Wine Products we recommend

Riedel Vinum Extreme Sauvignon Blanc/Pinot Grigio Wine Glasses (Set of 6)

The Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Glass series pushes the boundaries of glassware. Riedel combines a dazzling oversized bowl with a unique angular look and an extra-tall stem to create a wine glass that is as beautiful to look at as it is to drink from. Vinum Extreme is made of fine crystal and is designed in the incomparable Riedel style to emphasize and enhance the flavors of every wine you drink. The Riedel Vinum Extreme Sauvignon Blanc wine glass showcases the best qualities of dry aromatic white wines with medium to light body and high acidity. The shape of the bowl highlights fruit and floral components while the rim directs the flow of wine to the front of the palate allowing you to appreciate the balance of fruit and acidity. Recommended for: Bordeaux (white) Chenin Blanc Fumé Blanc Gewürztraminer Loire (Blanc) Sémillon. 9 1/2'H 16 1/4 oz. Attention California residents. Proposition 65 WARNING.

Price: 168.00 USD

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Strawberry Wine
Wine Cellars


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