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September 2008 - Wine Liquor

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No Wine in the Box on the Equinox

September 22nd is the Autumn Equinox and with it comes the cool breezes of fall. So, put away your boxes and your Sauvignon Blancs and get ready for a change in season. Autumn, with its flavorful stews and roasted turkey, has a taste all its own and for you, the wine lover, you get your own flavors too. Here are just a few suggestions for fall food and wine pairing.

Start the season the way that most meals start; with the appetizers. A perfect wine match for appetizers is sparkling wine. Try Castellblanch Cava Brut Zero Reserva, Penedes, Spain , a nice, refreshing sparkler from Spain. Floral aromas and almond flavors combine with waxy texture to get the digestive juices flowing. Castellblanch blends the grapes carefully to harmonize flavor, crispness, and body. The Brut Zero pops out with a refreshing blend of apple, pear, and citrus aromas that carry through from the nose to the finish. The underlying sweetness of the wine cools the effects of hot, spicy, or salty foods. The acidity in the wine makes it a refreshing food and wine pairing for an appetizer table, which tends to include an array of intense flavors.

When you serve turkey, make the harvest celebration complete by serving Castellblanch Monticello Pinot Noir . A nice balance between savory (vegetable and mushroom) and succulent berry fruit make this an interesting and very tasty Pinot Noir. It has a fruity nose, with notes of spicy raspberry and strawberry as well as touches of vanilla and cola. A bit more spice comes through on the palate without disturbing the fruitiness. The wine is full-bodied, but the tannins are light, making it especially suitable at the table.

Prime rib, roast beef or other beef dishes pair perfectly with a big fruity red zinfandel. Watts Old Vine Iris Vineyards Zinfandel will enhance these main courses. Fresh, lively, blackberry aromas and loads of juicy ripe fruit make for a very tasty Zin. The wine offers a great mix of dark fruit aromas with a touch of chocolate, Zinfandel's full-bodied frame, and light tannins. It is the perfect food and wine pairing when beef is on the menu.

Autumn desserts, like pumpkin pie or apple pie, have sweet, spicy, and earthy elements. The perfect pairing for these flavors is Sauternes, a naturally sweet white wine from Bordeaux. Sauternes have the subtle sweetness to stand up to the flavors of fall desserts, and will enhance the sweet, spicy, earthy flavors in the desserts.

So, whatever the course or what is on the menu, there is a perfect wine for you this fall. For this and other food and wine pairings, go to .

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Susan Ewing is the creator of which provides food and wine pairing and buying tips and cooking tips for the home chef.

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No Wine in the Box on the Equinox

September 22nd is the Autumn Equinox and with it comes the cool breezes of fall. So, put away your boxes and your Sauvignon Blancs and get ready for a...

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