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10/01/08 - Wine Alcohol

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Wine Wedding Favor Ideas

Red or white, day or night, wine and barware accessories are becoming increasingly popular as wedding and event favors. In style with today's wedding trends, wine favors are both fun and functional - and are sure to be used in your guests' homes for years to come. These memorable wedding favors are a smart choice for your wedding or event!

Wine has been used in celebrations worldwide for many centuries, dating back as early as biblical times. For many, the fine gift of wine is one of life?s greatest gifts. It?s only natural that those who feel a deep love and respect for wine and the wine making process, want to give it a special place at their weddings. Whether you are having a wine themed wedding, or just want to give something practical to your guests, wine and barware favors will be appreciated.

Here are some ideas and suggestions on popular wine and barware favors:

Bottle Stopper Wedding Favors

Bottle Stoppers also known as wine stoppers come in a variety of styles, shapes and textures, and are the most often selected type of favor for weddings and events in this category. Bottle stoppers are like miniature works of art: some may be made of colored blown glass, while others may take on a seasonal shape or even may be topped with crystals and other adornments. They may be made of silver-plating, chrome or cork and depending on the material used ? will cause variations in pricing. If selecting a silver-plated or chrome stopper make sure you look closely at the ?O? rings. These rubber rings ensure an airtight seal ? the more rings on a stopper, the more secure the seal. Even if some of your guests prefer other beverages, most households these days have a bottle of wine, which eventually is opened. Bottle stoppers are contemporary gift and work well as favors for a variety of functions.

Coaster Wedding Favors

Almost all households have them, use them, or display them. Coasters have become quite popular among the favor giving crowd and its no wonder why: they are pretty, affordable, useful and everyone will love them. Current wedding favor styles come packaged in four per set or two per set. Some allow guests to insert their favorite photo inside the coaster, while others reflect the theme of the day. While coasters are the second most popular wine themed wedding favor, keep in mind that some of the glass styles available are extremely heavy to ship ? with most four pack styles weighing in at nearly a pound each. However, the weight alone makes it a substantial wedding favor to give and receive.

Wine Charm Wedding Favors

Wine charms are another favor designed to delight wine connoisseurs and people who love to entertain in their home. Wine charms attach to the stems of wine glasses and help to identify which glass belongs to which guest at parties and events. Many people don?t have wine charms as standard in their home ? and more than likely a gift of wine charm favors will be a welcome addition. Like their bottle stopper cousins, wine charms are miniature works of art ? charms are available in many different designs to suit various popular wedding and non-wedding themes. Wine charms come in a variety of materials and quantity packs, so shopping around for charms that will suit your style will be rewarded.

Bottle Openers & Corkscrews

Both bottle openers and corkscrews should be standard in many homes. However, many households don?t have pretty openers such as the ones available on the market today. In both whimsical styles and traditional shapes, openers and corkscrews will fit anyone?s style. Most are manufactured in silver plating or chrome and are attractively packaged. Browse both wedding favor and wine sites to see the many styles available.

Miniature Wine Bottles, Champagne Bottles and Personalized Options Many wine shops and local liquor stores carry a variety of miniature wine or champagne bottles. You can easily purchase these in bulk from local suppliers and save on the cost of purchasing online and having these shipped to you. Additionally, with a bit of creativity, you can print your own labels or contract a local print shop to create custom labels that can be applied over the label. In some instances, with a bit of patience, labels can be removed with a bit of glue remover.

Make Your Own Vintage Wine

If someone in your family or friends is experienced in wine making, you can make your own vintage for your wedding or vent. Some specialty wine shops and vineyards may also help you develop your own wine for your party. Although this is a most personal gift of all the wine wedding favors, it is not for the first time wine maker.

Champagne Jelly Wedding Favors Champagne jelly is elegant and easy to make at home. It goes beautifully with many dishes and can be jarred and labeled to match your wedding colors. If you search the web, there are many recipes available. A twist on standard champagne is to use rose or pink champagne jelly.

Personalized Champagne Flute Wedding Favors Personalized Champagne flutes are classic and elegant wedding favor. Most companies can personalize them with your names and a graphic of your choice in your wedding colors. You can fill the flutes with candies and wrap them in tulle for an elegant presentation. If you are handy you can also turn these flutes into candles.

Wine and Champagne Candle Wedding Favors

Candles make useful and traditional wedding favors and gifts. Many candles today come in unique styles including wine themed ones such as merlot wine candles, champagne basket candles and bubbling champagne flute designs.

If you are having a wine themed event, browse many wine shops, vineyards, and online stores to comparison shop and to find the perfect wine themed favor. With so many options available you will be sure to find the perfect wedding favor or event gift.

Erica Tevis is the owner of Two Hearts Wedding Favors . Vist them on the web and check out their large supply of wine wedding favors, wine charms, bottle stoppers, coasters and other wedding favors.

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Wine Wedding Favor Ideas

Red or white, day or night, wine and barware accessories are becoming increasingly popular as wedding and event favors. In style with today's wedding ...

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Altue Reserva Carmenere

When Italian immigrants came to South America they brought with them their customs and traditions. They also brought with them the fruit and vegetables they were familiar with. As such, Italian varietals like Carmenère have found new homes in the South American vineyards of Chile. Carmenère is a native varietal of Italy but it never produced wines of much distinction. Chilean producers have found that this classic grape offers deep, dark wines with intense black fruit flavors. Oak aging has given this wine a nice warm mouthfeel with vanilla scents and a long, memorable finish. TDCRW04 TDCRW04

Price: 27.99 USD

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