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11:48 AM

Writing about Wine Vino was indeed a spontaneous decision on my part. I solemnly hope that this was a wise decision that I had made.

A Short Wine Summary

Australian wine is more than Yellow Tail

The [yellow tail] range of wines have taken the world by storm. And so they should. They are excellent Australian wines which are consistently good. T...

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Marketing to the Affluent - with Wine

With its association to an affluent, sophisticated lifestyle, wine can make a good accompaniment when marketing to an affluent audience. However, I am...

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Why The Jews?Martin Winer

This question has been asked throughout the ages without any definitive answer. Thus, it behooves us to first take a look at some previous attempts an...

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Wine Items For Viewing

Late Harvest Premium Merlot

This wine is made in the Style of the famous Austrian-Hungarian Ausbruch. Made from select grapes left on the wine until fully ripened or overripe, balancing the full bodied Merlot fruit with the intensity that comes from the extra ripening on the wine. The Merlot finishes both sweet and dry in the same instant and has a hint of fire and spice. The color is a dark red cherry, expressing the fruit in the wine. Enjoy with rich, hearty dishes such as prime rib with horseradish sauce, lamb, and we can not forget Hungarian Goulash. It will always add excellent flavor to soup and stews. Serve slightly chilled. RRMMW703 RRMMW703

Price: 26.95 USD

Late Bottled Lidador Port

In the sometimes Byzantine world of Port wine there are fine distinctions that are not fully understood even by devout connoisseurs. "Late-Bottled Vintage" Port is a hybrid that actually presents a wine of Vintage proportions in an early-drinking version. The young raw red wine is aged for 5 years in wood before bottling, allowing the wine to throw its sediment in the cask and rounding out the flavors. LBVP98 LBVP98

Price: 39.99 USD



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