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Friday January 16, 2009 - Wine Terminology

Another Great Wine Terminology Article

Wine Tasting Tours

If you?re a wine lover and enthusiast, you?d surely be delighted to attend wine tasting activities and events. But won?t it be great to have that wine tasting experience while on holiday trips or vacations? That?s exactly what wine tasting tours will offer you: great wine tasting and wine festivals while touring great wineries and the countryside.

Wine tasting tours usually include itineraries of the world?s largest and famous wineries and vineyards. A taste of some hotels and restaurants? wine tasting events during festivals and holidays are sometimes also included. In this kind of tour, guests are treated in several lavish wine tasting activities and are given the opportunity to take a sip of the best wines produced by each winery.

Wine Tasting Tour Destinations

If you?re planning to experience wine tasting tours, you?ll surely be glad to know that nowadays, most wineries have tied up with travel agencies so wine lovers could visit them and taste their products through a vacation or travel tour. You may contact a travel agency and inquire about their wine tasting tour packages; accommodation and transportation costs, length of the tours, and of course, destinations.

Most travel agencies include different exciting travel destinations for wine tasters. You may opt for the wineries of California, Mexico, Spain, Italy, or France. The list of wineries may is extensive; giving you lots of choices. You may also opt for a customized wine tasting tour packages; with your choice of winery destination, accommodation and vacation length. You may also choose wine tasting events from various wine festivals.

Finding Wine Tasting Tours Online

If you?re really dying to get that wine tasting tours you want but don?t know where to start looking, you might as well use the Internet to your advantage. Try searching for wine tasting tours offers using different search engines; joining forums and wine tasting clubs may also help you. You can ask for suggestions from fellow forum members regarding your wine tasting tours plans; they may have valuable advice on what travel agency may likely offer satisfactory deals and services as well as those wineries that offers the best-tasting wines.

Aside from clubs and forums, wineries and wine tasting hosts have websites that include information about wine tasting, kits, wine tasting events and tour packages. They mostly offer last minute travel to their events; giving you pre-packaged options that you?ll enjoy. Most of these sites also offer tips and advice on wine tasting; thus, you?ll have knowledge about wine tasting when you take the tour.

Wine Tasting provides detailed information on Wine Tasting, Temecula Wine Tasting, Wine Tasting Tours, Wine Tasting Kits and more. Wine Tasting is affiliated with California Wine Clubs.

Thoughts about Wine Terminology

Wine Tasting Tours

If you?re a wine lover and enthusiast, you?d surely be delighted to attend wine tasting activities and events. But won?t it be great to have that wine...

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Wine Terminology in the news

Library digest (Lake County News-Sun)

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 02:30:00 -0800
Lake Bluff

Dark Chocolate Taste Test

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 02:18:16 -0800
Aussie Chocabloggers Ashleigh and myself made the happy discovery that we both live in the same city. We and our respective families have met up a few times, found each to our liking and decided to have a blind dark chocolate tasting. Interspersed with conversation, two kittens, a curious dog, great food, greater wine and furthering friendships. Ashleigh’s lovely wife Marie and my husband Love Chunks snuck off to render the following chocolates into smaller, completely unrecognisable pieces.

Seasonal leftovers

Fri, 16 Jan 2009 01:46:00 -0800
As I mentioned in previous post, I have loads of pending tasting notes, some are a couple of months old, actually. Considering that Christmas is still rather fresh in our memories (and around our waislines) I will start the winter clearing with one of the Christmas specials I had during the last Holidays.I had already tasted one of the beers from Nøgne Ø. It was their Imperial Stout, which was part of the selection my friend and fellow beer blogger Knut Albert brought me on his visit to Prague l

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