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July - Chianti Wine

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Working Out with Wine and Chocolate

Is it true that working out with wine and chocolate does a body good or is it another trend? You be the judge.

Wine and chocolate go hand in hand. Savoring, sipping and ingesting the pair are virtually a workout within itself. One hand must delicately grasp the wine glass, while the other hand docilely balances the chocolate between the index and thumb.

Wine and Chocolate Lift-Savors

  • Lift, 1-2-3

  • Hold

  • Nibble

  • Sip, savor and swish around the palette

  • Allow to linger on the tongue for a count of 7-10 seconds

  • And repeat (3-sets with 4-5 repetitions)

At the same token, these actions should be made in slow deliberate movements. The concept entails allowing each morsel of chocolate (Godiva, Lindt or whatever you prefer) to slowly dissolve on the tongue so that when the fusion of wine and chocolate come head-to-head, the culmination induces sheer ecstasy for the palette.

Verisimilar to yoga where each movement is held for moments, the art of this regimen requires focus, stamina and the willpower to enable the wine to co-mingle with the chocolate.

Although this fitness program has not been endorsed by the American Medical Association, the National Health Council nor the World Health Organization, there seems to be a myriad of benefits to exercising with wine and chocolate. Let's explore the health benefits:

Incentives for Working Out with Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

  • Red wine contains antioxidant polyphenols (compounds of grape derivative of tannins and anthocyanin pigments)

  • Dark chocolate (65% cocoa has antioxidants referred to as flavanols

  • A glass of red wine is suggested as heart-friendly

  • Dark chocolate is deemed as a mood enhancer

  • Holding a wine glass in one hand can burn up to a single calorie per minute

To avert work out burn out, the fitness program should be done in moderation with your physician's approval (of course). Nevertheless, everyone should exercise his or her right to work out with chocolate and red wine. To learn more exercise recommendations on chocolate and wine, visit

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Working Out with Wine and Chocolate

Is it true that working out with wine and chocolate does a body good or is it another trend? You be the judge.Wine and chocolate go hand in hand. Sa...

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