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Red Wine... White Wine..... Nothing But Paradise

If you love red wines, enjoy French cuisine, like taking a relaxing stroll through the countryside and appreciate meeting lots of friendly locals; Southern France is for you!

Languedoc, in the southern end of France is where you will find calm rolling meadows and lush hillsides and is also the largest wine growing region in the world. One vineyard there, Ch?teau Bousquette is a 50 acre estate where you will find organically grown wine at its finest. This simple family estate, nestled amongst the pines with scents of lavender, rosemary and thyme is refreshing in itself but once you taste the wine produced here you know why it's the finest in the world. The view is breathtaking as you overlook the miles of vineyards, stretching all the way to the foot of the C?vennes mountains. Get wine online from this French vineyard at French Wine Online.

Languedoc is Wine Country: Home to Some of Frances' Top Red Wines

Languedoc is recognized as one of the three largest AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contr?l?e: the top grade of French quality wine) zones in France, sharing this distinction with the likes of Bordeaux and C?tes du Rh?ne. This famous French wine country will awe you with its series of gentle hills and valleys covered in vineyards, fields and forests. Little towns with history and character greet you from around many hills and valleys. Peaceful walking paths take you through vineyards and hills; expansive views replenish the soul while you take a drink of the great red wines produced here. The rich, fertile soil yields the famous wines you have always heard about organically and of course the fine grapes being organically grown produce robust and aromatic wines you can taste for yourself even without traveling there by visiting French Wine Online.

Wines and Wine Towns

You'll discover a wonderful hierarchy of red wines from robust to elegant like Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Les Baux de Provence, Jacques Frelin C?tes du Ventoux, Crozes Hermitage, Merlot Domaine de Bajac, Merlot, Domaine de Savignac and Ch?teauneuf-du-Pape.

Winery visits can range from the famous to the not yet famous, from the big to small so you get a real feel for the culture and people behind the wines. Very hospitable winery owners love telling you all about their wines, as you drink them together.

Experiences like these are as rich as the red wine, as highly sought after as the French countryside and they are waiting for you in Southern France. Bring home stories, photos, knowledge of a different culture and without question some of the finest wines in the world. You can also order these same organically grown French wines online right now at

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Chris Maley is the publisher of a consumer information on the wine industry and wine retailers like Organic Wine Company which has a quality selection of Organic French Red Wines

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