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Saturday 10/11/08 - Ice Wine

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Storing Wine: What you need to know about Wine Cellars

It seems that aficionados and connoisseurs of wine are growing exponentially - statistics from the Wine Institute show that in 2005, the retail value of California wines alone, in the U.S. were $16.5 billion. With a growing love and passion for wine, many folks are doing more than just purchasing wine; in fact, many are having wine cellars built for storage and preservation

What is a wine cellar exactly? This is a climate controlled environment that similar to the wine caves in France produces an excellent environment for both storing and aging wine. What the much revered wine caves have taught us is that you don't have to be a commercial wine maker or winery to enjoy in the collecting, aging and storing of wines.

Yet, to mimic the caves, particular design elements must be rendered, and these are different from simply adding another room to the house. Factors such as humidification, refrigeration, vapor barriers and insulation are essential. With so many do-it-yourselfers, many are inclined to build their own wine cellar. Hiring a contractor or a company that specializes in wine cellar design are other options. There are also modular cellar unit kits available.

How one chooses is based on personal preference with budget being a deciding factor. However, remember that with building a wine cellar, one can go for the no-frills storage option: like a wine cellar the size of a closet with modular racking, or go for the-full-frills option, complete with endless customization from floors, counters to a wine room that rivals a Napa Valley Winery.

With any choice, provides those considering building a wine cellar with information about the necessary equipment from cooling to racking systems to the elements of cellar design with floors, doors and lighting. Information about, custom and modular designs are discussed, as are topics such as wine cellar software, when to choose a wine refrigerator and much more.

About the Author

Nancy Peterson, a self-professed wine lover, recently added a wine cellar to her new home. You can read more about wine cellar equipment and wine cellar racks at:

Thoughts about Ice Wine

Storing Wine: What you need to know about Wine Cellars

It seems that aficionados and connoisseurs of wine are growing exponentially - statistics from the Wine Institute show that in 2005, the retail value ...

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