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Writing is something that has to be enjoyed. And with Cellar Master , we have indeed enjoyed writing all that we know about it. We wish you also enjoyed yourself.

A Featured Cellar Master Article

Choosing Wine Cellar Accessories

There are a number of nifty items and gadgets that can help
you organize, maintain and enjoy your wine cellar. For those
of you that have a larger wine cellar, keeping track of what
is added or removed from the collection can be a pain. One
can use either a paper record keeping system, or jump into
the twenty first century and incorporate some electronic
record keeping system.

Barcode readers are a wonderful way to keep track of the
different wines that are added to or removed from your
wine cellar. "But what kinds of electronic barcode reading
contraptions will I need to buy in order to use a barcode
system?", you may ask. It's really very simple. There are very
easy to use plug and play barcode readers that can plug
right into the USB port of your computer.

USB barcode scanners typical run between $120-$175 USD
and can automatically discriminate between all the popular
bar codes. You can use your own barcode tags or input any
required information to use the barcodes already located on
each bottle of wine. When it's time to uncork or add a new
bottle of wine to your collection, simply point the barcode
scanner at the barcode label and pull the trigger to update
your records.

Printable wine tags are another must have wine cellar
accessory. These tags come on a sheet that can be fed into
your inkjet printer. You can create your own custom layout
or notes, as well as include a barcode if you so desire. There
are also regular hand written wine bottle tags that can be
more affordable if you do not need to be able to print the
wine bottle tags on your printer.

If you require a tag system that is more durable than paper
wine bottle tags, there are also heavy duty plastic wine
bottle tags that fit securely over the neck of the bottle.
These can be reused as needed and will last for years and
years. These types of wine bottle tags can be written on
with any felt tip pen or a dry erase board marker.

If you'd like a ready-to-go wine bottle tag with custom
barcodes system, check out the Vinote ? wine tags.
These wine bottle tags last a very long time and
adhere snugly to wine bottles. Every tag is uniquely
numbered and bar coded. The bar code section is
perforated so that it may be folded out of sight or
easily torn off.

If you're not ready to update your wine storage
record keeping, and prefer regular paper records,
there are a number of attractive wine catalogue
books already formatted for just such record
keeping. A decent wine catalogue book should be
small enough to carry with you if you will bring it
along on trips to other wine cellars.

A hygro-thermometer is a very necessary component
to any wine cellar, as it ensures that the wine is
resting at the appropriate temperature and
humidity. These devices do not adjust temperature
or relative humidity, but can be paired with the right
devices in order to make sure that everything is
running smoothly.

About the Author

April used to be a bartender with over 7 years of experience. She later retired to become a freelance wine critic and a writer for a number of wine books. In these books, she specializes on finding the right glassware and utensils for your bar. Visit for a list of "must haves" such as a wine
glass rack
for your bar.

Another short Cellar Master review

No Wine in the Box on the Equinox

September 22nd is the Autumn Equinox and with it comes the cool breezes of fall. So, put away your boxes and your Sauvignon Blancs and get ready for a...

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Now that we have come to the end of this composition on Wine Country , we do hope that you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

The Best Articles on Wine Country

Wine and Food Pairings - Which Wine to Serve with Dinner

Most people love to throw dinner parties for their friends and family. But,
they may avoid serving wine because they do not know exactly what to serve. Do
you serve red or white with fish? Will Merlot be okay if you are serving a
Mexican dish? Do not stress over it - there are some basic wine rules you can

The number one rule of thumb when choosing wine is "red wine with red meat,
white wine with white meat." This is not always true, but it generally works
quite well when you are unsure. One exception is chicken. The meat is white, but
a nice fruity red wine goes well with it. The same can be said for tuna or
salmon, so you do not have to always follow the rule of not serving red wine
with fish. The second rule is the rule of complements. It is okay to match sweet
seafood such as lobster with a sweet white wine. The next rule is the opposites
attract. While you usually want to match like flavors, sometimes a contrast,
such as a White Bordeaux with bluefish can be wonderful.

Outside of the basic rules, there are certain things you can look for and
certain things you can avoid depending on what you are serving. Here are some
hints as to what to serve with particular types of food.

Salads and Appetizers

You should avoid serving wine during your salad, as vinegar and wine do not
mix well. But, if you are having an appetizer, you need to consider the
ingredients in the appetizer to help you choose your wine. If you are having a
cheese tray, the type of cheese will help you determine the wine. For example,
cheddar is best with dry reds, Merlots, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Pinot Noir goes
best with Swiss. Camembert and brie are great with a Chardonnay. The cheese we
tend to think of as Italian such as parmigiano, romano, and reggiano go well
with Italian dry red wines like Chianti and Barlol. If you are serving something
a fried appetizer, consider serving a crisp, fruity white or red wine to help
cut the oily flavor.

Beef, Steak and Lamb

Do you remember the "red wine with red meat" rule? That one is great to use
when serving beef, steak, and lamb. Choose a dry red wine like Cabernet
Sauvignon or a burgundy like Pinot Noir. You can also consider serving an
Italian red such as Barolo or Chianti.

Fish and Seafood

To be safe, stick with a dry, crisp white wine. Sauvignon Blanc goes well
with white fish while Sancerre and Muscadet go well with oysters. If you want to
be different, try a fruity red wine (without tannins). But, use caution when
serving red, especially if you are serving white, delicate fish. Cabernets with
tannins combined with fish can leave a metallic taste in your mouth.

Poultry, Pork and Veal

For the most part, you want to follow the "white meat, white wine" rule with
these. White chardonnays and Pinot Blancs are great. If you want to serve red
with chicken, remember to choose a wine that is fruity like a Merlot or


Think back to Thanksgiving. Do
you remember how well your cranberry sauce went with the turkey? The same rule
applies here. For turkey, since it has both white and dark meat, you want
something fruity and tart such as a Beaujolais for red or a Riesling for

Spicy Foods

If you are planning on service something spicy like Thai or Indian food, a
sparkling wine works best. Avoid wines with tannins and look for something
fruity. And, make sure the wine is well chilled. Cold wine goes well with spicy


The best thing to serve with a delicious
dessert is a dessert wine. In fact, you can skip the dessert part and just serve
a dessert wine to your guests. These are sweet wines often sold in smaller
bottles as you don't drink as much dessert wine as you do regular wine. Wines
such as Sauternes, Beerenauslese, Bermet and Cammandaria will make a great end
to any evening.

The most important rule about what wine to serve is to avoid being snobby
about wine. There are no right answers, only basic rules to go by and even
those, as you have seen, can be changed. Do not be afraid to experiment with
different tastes. Chances are if you do not act like there is anything wrong
with the wine you are serving, your guests will not either.

About the Author

Jason Connors is a successful writer and wine connoisseur providing valuable tips and advice on wine cellar design, wine making, and wine basics.

Thoughts about Wine Country

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