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Why Australia for Fine Wines?

Australia, the land DownUnder, has become a major and exciting force in international wines. Australian wine is taking the world by storm, due to the quality of the grape stock combined with the skill and experience of our winemakers. This enables us to produce a superb and wide range of Australian wine styles.

Our island continent features wines as varied as its terrain. Most people know of Australian Shiraz - that fruit-forward wine now known and enjoyed around the world. These fabulous 'fruit bombs' represent but a small part of the overall Australian winemaking scene.

Australia is sometimes described as the perfect wine producing country. It has a land mass as great as the United States or Western Europe, with a diverse climate from cold to cool to warm, and a wide variety of soil types, including the famous Coonawarra terra rossa. These natural advantages coupled with the irrepressible free-spirited character of the Australian people, has encouraged Australian winemakers to build on the great traditions of winemaking, to create delicious wines of stunning quality, diversity and uniqueness.

Wines from Australia are usually denoted by their grape variety. Aside from Shiraz, Australia also produces fine Chardonnay, Semillon, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and plenty of Cab-Shiraz blends plus some distinct Aussie wines. And don't forget our Australian sparking whites and reds - just the wines to keep your taste buds tingling.

Delicious concentrated ripe fruit, harvested at the peak of perfection is easier to obtain in Australia than almost anywhere else in the world. Australian wines are a delight on your palette with their different aromas, flavours and taste sensations crafted from each of the different grapes, blends and regions.

Please come and visit us DownUnder, but if you don't have the time just now, take a Wine Tour around our amazing country through our website and experience the people, places and our incomparable wines.

About the Author

Lindsay Lewis is the Marketing Director of an Australian company providing Worldwide home delivery of fine, estate-grown Australian wines, from independent Australian Wineries.

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Why Australia for Fine Wines?

Australia, the land DownUnder, has become a major and exciting force in international wines. Australian wine is taking the world by storm, due to the ...

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Price: 29.99 USD

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