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A Featured Wine Vino Article

How About Adding a Wine Cellar to Your Home?

If you love wine, you might just want your very own wine cellar. Before you start hammering, there are a few things you should probably know and think about.

How About Adding a Wine Cellar to Your Home?

A true hobbyist won't settle for pre-made materials or designs. Instead, they prefer to do everything themselves whether that means planning a new game room or restoring a classic car. Wine enthusiasts operate under the same sorts of principles as any other hobbyist. You will often see these enthusiasts building their own wine racks or cabinets. While these projects may be on the small size, there's no reason that a wine collector cannot take on the mother of all wine projects - the wine cellar.

Some people may think that it's hard to add a wine cellar to a home, but actually, there are many different books, videos and websites that offer encouragement and ideas on how to construct your very own wine vault. Whether you'd like a small, closet sized wine cellar or a large underground one fit for a king, there are several items that all wine cellars have in common.

All wine cellars need to have a controlled temperature - between 50 and 60 degrees fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for wines, both red and white, to mature in. If your wine cellar temperature varies too widely or is too cold or warm, your wines may spoil or not age properly. Wine cellars must also have a controlled humidity level. The humidity of the natural caves and wine cellars where wine is aged tends to be around 70 percent, so you'll want your own wine cellar to mimic this level. In order to achieve these climate necessities, you'll need to have both a humidifier and a cooling unit, so that you can be sure to have your wine at its optimum condition.

Another thing you'll need to have is a plan. As males, this goes against our basic instincts, but trust me on this one. Basic plans for wine cellars tend to use quality woods, such as oak, to construct shelving units for your wine bottles. Another option is to order custom made shelving units to outfit your wine cellar. You'll also need to construct the room your wine cellar will be held in - which will require such materials as drywall, insulation and wiring. Depending on the location of your wine cellar, you might also need flooring and other materials.

Whipping together your own wine cellar can be an enjoyable and interesting experience. It can also be insanely complicated and complex. If you are looking for a hobby, grab a book and have a go. If you have an expensive collection, you should probably bring in the experts to save you a lot of frustration and keep from ruining your collection.

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Xavier Moldini is with - a directory of wineries.

Wine Vino and More

I Love Italian Wine and Food - The Campania Region

If you are looking for fine Italian wine and food, consider the Campania region of southern Italy. You may find a bargain, and I hope that you'll have...

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Wine Vino Items For Viewing

Pommard - Cuvee Suzanne Chaudron - Hospices de Beaune

We purchased the Cuvee Suzanne Chaudron at the Hospices de Beaune auction that was held November 17th, 2002, and we have been eagerly anticipating its arrival! This Pommard was matured for 12 months in French Oak Barrels. The nose is open and frank with a bouquet of fresh black fruits, a touch of truffle, leather, and spices. It is clean in the mouth with a fresh, full-bodied attack that follows with a powerful and long finish with fruity and roasted flavors. The Burgundy wines from Pommard are well-known for the boldness and pair well with more powerful red meats and strong cheeses. PHB02 PHB02

Price: 119.99 USD

International Wine


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Thoughts about Burgandy Wine

The Fine Wine Element of Selling Your Home

Like fine wine, your home has probably aged nicely while you have lived in it. While you may feel this way, it is important to understand buyers may l...

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Burgandy Wine Items For Viewing

Gift Bag for 1 Bottle RED

Gift bags to send your favorite or their favorite wine in. The bags are Silk Organza Wine Sack with draw string top comes in Red, Green and Blue. This is the perfect way to present a gift of wine for any occasion. GBAG01R

Price: 2.49 USD

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Unfortunately, I can’t really drink wine along with the anxiety medicine that I’m taking. :( That’s really a bummer. But I can still have fun looking online, right? Here’s a great site that offers a wide variety of cool wine racks. I’ve always wanted one of those wine refrigerators with a clear glass front (I’m sure that they have an actual name). Sure, we don’t drink much wine ~ but it would look cool, huh? :)


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Getting to the root of the matter - Allentown Morning Call

Allentown Morning Call

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Getting to the root of the matter (The Morning Call)

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Contractors building a dorm at Moravian College in Bethlehem find three structures experts say are 18th-century vegetable cellars. They look like three little stone-and-brick caves emerging from the hillside.

Wine - Shopping for Wine Refrigerators

Sat, 08 Mar 2008 12:46:47 PST
Wine - Shopping for Wine Refrigerators Posted in home and garden library at 4:40 pm by admin Ice Wine When you are talking about ice wine, there are two very different terms to think about. You maybe thinking about the way that wine can be served over ice, or you maybe ….. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just a casual wine drinker, wine refrigerators are going to come in incredibly handy. They are available in various sizes, shapes and models, so you can find one that is perfectly suit

A Featured Burgandy Wine Article

Discover Unique Wine Racks

Serious wine collectors prefer diamond wine racks for storing their treasured bottles of wine. Whether a wine lover's tastes run to a rich, savory burgundy or a light, citrus toned Pinot Grigio, they all know the trick to any wine cellar is having ample space. Diamond wine racks provide ample storing capacity and proper horizontal storage conditions. Purchasing this style of rack is affordable and smart. You can easily turn your basement into a wine cellar in little time. Or display them right in plain view for guests to appreciate and marvel at.

Many bottles of wine must age from a few weeks to a number of years. Aging wine requires a cool area, moisture to keep corks from drying out, and no light. If these conditions are not met, the wine can develop sour, vinegary flavors. Not fun! If you line a basement wall with two or three unique wine racks, the possibilities for wine storage become unlimited. As air temperatures below ground remain constant and humidity is often in the air, a basement creates a perfect area for wine storage.

Unique wine racks are handcrafted from exquisite pieces of wood -- and some of the most unique ones are made out of metal shapes, such as stylish spirals. These are made out of wrought iron or steel usually, which can be shaped into beautiful artistic designs.

When it comes to the wooden racks, redwood, pine, maple, and oak are utilized when creating wine racks of high quality. The outer frame of the wine rack forms a tall rectangle. This rectangle holds a criss-cross pattern of braces that form a diamond pattern on the inside of the rack's frame. Each diamond section is capable of holding up to sixteen 750ml bottles of wine, twelve bottles of champagne, or nine magnums (1 ? liters). With twenty-four sections typically included in one large rack, diamond wine racks can hold more than 200 bottles of wine per unit.

Diamond wine racks range in height, but are usually sixty to seventy-two inches high. The average wine rack stands floor to ceiling. The racks tend to average thirteen inches deep, easily fitting an average bottle of wine. Diamond wine racks can range in width to suit your needs. You may expect any rack you choose to hold far more wine than you will need to store for your personal use.

For the serious collector, diamond wine racks can hold enough wine bottles to last a number of years. Your new abilities as a wine connoisseur are likely to cause some jealous comments from close friends. It is human nature to feel a slight touch of pride in becoming the envy of others! Use diamond wine racks or other unique designs and show off your collection today.

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View unique wine racks, such as diamond wine racks, at

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Keeping in mind the important points about Chianti Region , we hope this article on Chianti Region proves to be very informative to you. Use these points well.

Today's Chianti Region Article

Custom Wine Labels

Wine producers and distillers are proud of their product. It is this sense of pride and the hard work and quality of attention they put into their product that makes custom wine labels important to them. Wines are judged not just by the year the grapes used to produce them were harvested, or in what country they come from. Wine connoisseurs look at the vineyard and the quality of grape vine too. These details are found on the wine bottle label.

Traditionally, all wine bottles look the same and are labeled quite the same as well. To those inexperienced at buying wines, the many different varieties of wine on the shelves go unnoticed because they tend to buy their favorite brands.

In today?s globalized economy where products, including wines from all over the world, find their way into local supermarkets, competition has gotten edgier. If you are a wine producer, you need to step up on your marketing strategy. If you cannot modify the look of your glass bottle, as it is harder and more costly to do, you can modify your label. Generic bottles, what glass-packaging manufacturers call them, are mass-produced and are used by a variety of customers that extend beyond wine producers. For example, generic looking wine bottles are used to package olive oil, balsamic vinegar and other premium food ingredients. The trick in making these bottles look different from each other is in the labeling.

There are many labels available for clients who need to identify wine bottles. They include the usual paper labels in a two color-printing scheme, the glossy labels in four colors and shrink-wrapped labeling.

In the world of marketing, products are judged according to their packaging and labels. A customer?s impression of the product starts from how the product is presented on the shelf. An attractive label can often spell success for the product. There are many packaging companies and print houses with designers that offer custom-made wine labels. Check them out and compare prices as well as the scope of services they are willing to give.

Custom Labels provides detailed information on Custom Labels, Printed Custom Labels, Custom Wine Labels, Custom Clothing Labels and more. Custom Labels is affliated with Custom T Shirt Design.

A Short Chianti Region Summary

Removing Red Wine Stains Is Not A Cause For Panic

Imagine that you are hosting a party for some of your best friends. The atmosphere is bubbling with the excitement of everyone chatting and mingling w...

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Recommended Chianti Region Items

Millenium Gold Sparkling

Our ever popular "Gold" is now available in an etched and hand-painted bottle decorated for the Millennium celebrations. This California sparkling wine has been made in a limited production, so get your orders in early. Buy Champagne online! GDMM GDMM

Price: 76.99 USD

Beer Basket
Wine Warehouse


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