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2009 - Dessert Wine-

Today's Dessert Wine Article

Food With Wine

It is very important to select the best matched food with any wine; a wrong choice of food can spoil all the fun and taste of a very good wine. Generally, it is conventional that white wine should be drunk with white meat and red wine with red meat. But nowadays, no one just has meat or chips with wine.

As the wine producing regions have increased in number, the taste and flavours of wine have also changed. This increases the confusion more, as wine lovers can't choose the supplementary food items with wine easily. Some wine lovers believe that any food can go with any wine, but basically we don't eat any heavy meat item with white wine.

A good combination of wine and food enhances your fun and excitement more than any normal combination. Some example of good combinations of wine and food are given below:
Stilton with port, foie gras with sauternes, boeuf bourguignon with Burgundian pinot noir and goat cheese with sauvignon Blanc.

Before experimenting any new combination one should always consider the flavour factor. This is the only thing that can double your fun or even can spoil all the fun. Another aspect is the acidity; food with less acidity should be preferred most. Acidic wine can be found in those areas where the acidic food is prepared. It is very safe to have the local food with the same region's wine. But there are many regions where foreign wines are sold; food selection is a big problem there.

Salty dishes work well with acidic wine. Sparkling wines like Californian wines or French champagne can be used to refresh the taste of fish dishes. Bubbly wines are used to drink with spicy food. Food from South East Asia (like Thai) is filled with chilly and pepper. These food items are compiled with citrus acid, so wines with acidic taste are with some flavour of sweetness. Wines with lots of fruit are mostly prescribed for this kind of food.

Game birds such as quail, turkey, guinea have earthy taste which is more tasteful than chicken. These are more preferable with white wine, while the red wines should be taken with wild game birds.

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Z1R Ace Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Wine
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Customer Review: Screwpull Table Model Corkscrew

The Screwpull Table Model Corkscrew arrived in a clamshell package. I had owned a similar model, but it had a base and cover in which the corkscrew would rest; this model had no such base or cover. Fortunately, the new model corkscrew fit the old model base and the cover fit just great over the new model.

If one were buying the Screwpull Table Model Corkscrew for the first time, I would say the corkscrew would have to be stored carefully in a drawer. It is plastic, and while my old model lasted for many years of good use, things do break. The reason I purchased the new one.

As far as effectiveness of use goes, it works exceptionally well when used correctly. Begin by placing the corkscrew over the bottle neck with foil removed, grip the sides of the plastic covering the sides of the bottle neck lightly and begin twisting the corkscrew into the cork. If the corkscrew sides slide down the bottle neck, back the screw out and grip the sides slightly tighter. Do not grip the sides of the corkscrew too tightly, as the corkscrew plastic will crack if done incorrectly. When the corkscrew is all the way in, keep turning the corkscrew, allowing the cork to extract on its own as you turn the corkscrew. Do not pull on the corkscrew while the cork is still in the bottle. Doing so may damage the corkscrew and/or shorten its lifetime of use.

The Screwpull Table Model Corkscrew is much less expensive than other models, doesn't require changing of the screw, and is easily replaced, more so than costlier corkscrews that work less efficiently.

4 Stars for not having the base and cover, and durability, 4 stars for value, ease of use, and years of enjoyment while I owned one.

Customer Review: The last one opened hundreds of bottles

After 25 years my original Screwpull finally broke. The previous one opened many hundreds of bottles of wine effortlessly. I have no reason to expect any less of the new one I just got. With fresh teflon on the screw, I now remember how very smooth the old one was when it was new. I have owned several fancier cork screws, but I always came back to this one. If you can only have one corkscrew, I think this is the one. The only drawback is that as it gets older, the corks (particularly the fake ones) can become harder to remove from the screw after extraction. Not a big deal for me, but my wife had some difficulty on occasion.
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Still have the wine cork from you and your sweetheart's first date? Why not display it for all to see with this gorgeous Cork Display? Features an exquisite handcrafted bottle relief with slots for up to 38 of your most meaningful or unique wine corks. Adds a lovely decorative touch to your kitchen, bar, or wine cellar.

Handcrafted resin
Measures a convenient 10.5W x 14.75H x 1.25D
Fits corks measuring approx. 1.75" to 2.0" L (fits most standard corks)
May not fit corks made of non-cork material
Wall mountable
Makes a perfect gift for the wine connoisseur in your life.

Customer Review: Great Cork Display!

I saw this same cork display holder at a winery in Napa Valley for $45.00 but knew I could find it online. Really cute, can't wait to get it... and I found it cheaper!

Customer Review: Wonerful piece

Great addition to my wine bottle themed kitchen. Packaged wonderfully and shipped in a timely manner.
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