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Raise A Glass To The Best Wine Of The Month Gifts!

Are you looking for some of the best wine of the month gifts? We have taken out all the hard work and done your research for you. See our Wine Gifts page ( for our suggestions, but heres a little information you need before buying any wine of the month gifts.

First, you need to decide your budget. If its small, thats not a problem. There are so many choices when it comes to wine gifts: number of months, number of wines, color of wines, regions and so on that anyone can afford to give a wine of the month gift. You dont have to go with 12 months month to month, 3 months, 6 months are also available.

You can also opt for wine clubs that send wine and gourmet food every month. These are of course slightly more expensive, but in my opinion you shouldnt have to drink your wine without anything to compliment it. A great thing about joining a wine club also is that theres usually an extra discount on other purchases you make. Yes, its not the cheapest gift to give, but if you know a wine lover, a wine of the month gift can be the best gift they ever get!

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Tara Pearce is the webmaster and author of all content at If you need a great gift that anyone would love, visit our site for some of the yummiest treats you'll ever find!

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Understand Wine and Your Health

During the 1990s, a physician voiced on the television show "Sixty Minutes" that drinking red wine reduces heart disease. He cited the relatively lowe...

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Wine Cork Bulletin Board Kit

Pop those wine corks...and create wine corkboards trivits and message centers that capture both memos and memories. Our wine cork products are one of our most popular since half the fun is in the making! We supply the oak frame mounting board glue and instructions. You supply the wine corks. The wine corkboards perfect for kitchen home office or wine cellar. Available in size 22' x 22' also. Size: 16' x 16'. Gift boxed.

Price: 24.95 USD

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Wine 101: The Basics of Wine Tasting

Dec 09, 2006 (Sat): We look at the typical characteristics of popular grape varietals and explain the terminology and techniques of wine tasting and learn how to recognize the subtle and subjective flavors of wine.

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Varietal Wine
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